What is Mobile DVR?

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1. Differences between DVRs and VCRs

VCRs, which are analog image storage devices, can be used at common households for prolonged periods of time with out any video quality issues because its usage time is very short. However, the below severeproblems occur when used as CCTV recording devices that must be played for prolonged periods (24 hours a day).

Problems when using common VCR

* Reduced video quality during prolonged operation, shaky screen when paused
* Tapes must be saved for prolonged periods and thus creates continued tape purchasing expenses
* Cumbersome task of continuously having to replace tapes for recording
* Not being able to record when tape is not replaced at the proper time
* Reduced video quality due to repeated use
* Only has simple recording functions ? Takes much effort and time when searching

Adventages when using DVR

With the launching of our DVR equipment, compared to when using VCRs that can only record, the industry can now simultaneously perform various functions as seen below. Furthermore, it can resolve all of the above problems of common VCRs at once.

* Clear, high-quality picture can be maintained even through repeated use, because it is a digital device.
* High-compression saving makes long-term recording possible.
* Cumbersome task of replacing is removed through long-term storage in the hard disk.
* When the recorded images completely fill up the hard disk space, new images are saved by erasing the oldest images, thus it can be used without any special attention during long-term use.
* When searching for the recorded screen when accidents occur, the needed screen can be found in about one second by entering the date, time and camera number, thus shortening the search time for recorded screens.
* Includes backup and print functions, making it possible to immediately print the accident screen
* Includes transmission functions, making it possible to search records and monitor from remote locations regardless of the distance.
* Possesses motor detection functions (automatically senses moving objects from the program) without having a separate external sensor, making it possible to record events that automatically captures the movement of people or vehicles.

2. Mobile DVR Features

* By mounting the DVR, reckless driving can be prevented
* Recognizes the driver’s driving habits, making it possible to utilize in driving habit training for drivers.
* Possible to use for training related to stop-line violations and traffic violations.
* Also possible to use as plans for preventing terrorism. It records 24 hours a day, making easy to recognize the situation of inside and outside the vehicle.
* Its recording time is longer than VTR methods, making it unnecessary for daily searches and can cut down on labor costs.
* Can be used as a black-box, which have been used only for airplanes.

3. DVR Product Specs

OS Self - developed OS
Video Input 4CH
Video Signal NTSC/PAL Selectable
Display Speed 120FPS(NTSC) Real time Display
Recording Speed 120FPS per 4CH(NTSC)
Recording Resolution NTSC : 360 * 240/Ch
Compression Method MJPEG
Store temp. & Humidity -20 ~ 60 C/20 ~ 95%RH
Operating temp.& humidity 5 ~ 40 C/20 ~ 80%RH
Power DC24V
Dimension & Weight 160(W) * 240(D) * 89(H)mm, 4KG
Remote Software DVR Manager, DVR Reader

Main DVR Functions

1. Main functions of Coreaworks DVR functions

* The image difference storing method is a video storing method that we have developed and is similar to MPEG recording algorithms.
* Unlike quad recording methods which are employed by the low-price standalone DVR of other companies, our DVRs can be used to set recording for each channel.
* Using our proprietarily developed heartbeat functions, it can also be automatically restored when errors occur int the DVR system.
* Our DVRs use proprietarily developed file systems, making it possible to use with no problems even if the mounted HDD has 80% of bas sectors.
* Pre-alarm functions, which were configurable in PC DVRs and high-end standalone DVRs, were also configured in this.

2. HDD recording difference with other company products


The picture on the left is a product from another company that stores in FAT32 format, in which the data is connected in links. When the link connection is broken because of a bad sector, it is difficult to restore. Our product, however, that we proprietarily developed, records sequentially starting from the central axis, and therefore, data will not be lost even if the link is disconnected.

Recording Screen Composition

1. Recording screen composition


2. Playing recorded images